RHP Pick To 3rd Base

This may seem odd at first but it makes all the sense in the world. RHPs should incorporate a pick off to 3rd base into their repertoire. According to 2013 MLB stats, with a man on 3rd base and zero outs, that runner scores 83.7% of the time.  With a one out, that runner still scores at a 66.7% clip. Those are not good odds. This is why having a pickoff move to 3rd base is advantageous. Why? First, there is an element of surprise. Runners tend to turn their shoulders early toward home plate on their secondary lead at 3rd base. This makes it very hard to rotate their body back once the pick is implemented. As a pitcher, if you can hold the look for as long as possible toward home plate this is almost ensure you get a first step out of the runner and a pickoff is greatly increased. Second, it keeps the runner close to 3rd base. Okay, the runner now knows we will pick off to 3rd base. Great, now you have him where you want him. Now you can fake pick and jab step with the 3rd baseman to keep him flinching back to the bag. With your infield playing in, he can no longer get a good jump toward home plate. It gives your infield the chance to cut the run off or hold the runner and get the out at 1st base. But what if I pick to 3rd base and I throw the ball away? Well, remember that runner was going to score 83.7% of the time anyway. No big deal. Also, this is no different than LHPs picking to 1st base. It’s just practice and making a decent throw chest high to the bag. Every Pitcher should be able to do this.