HItters Should Take 0-2

What do coaches say when a pitcher gives up an 0-2 hit? In many coach’s minds, this is a huge baseball sin. The perception of giving up an 0-2 hit is so strong that coaches just go nuts when it happens. Most of the time, these coaches tell their pitchers to intentionally waste a pitch or throw a set up pitch out fo the zone. So, as a hitter, where is the pressure to swing? Why are you worried about an event that has little chance of happening? Your game plan should be to only look at a big mistake pitch down the middle and spit on everything else knowing that it’s a sucker play. Do teams actually do this? Yes. I know a team that actually put in an automatic take on 0-2 pitches and tracked it for a whole year. What they found was extraordinary. By taking on 0-2 and eliminating the pressure to swing at close pitches, they actually lowered their K% in that count from the previous year. Very telling about how human nature can affect a baseball game. The fear of giving up an 0-2 hit and the repercussions from the coach, tilted the advantage to the hitter in that count. Give it a try if you dare. It might surprise you.