Stealing 2nd Base on a 3-0 Count? Maybe!

Similar to hitting in a 3-0 count, what about stealing second base on a 3-0 count? Well, there are definitely advantages. The first advantages is the element of surprise. Nobody steals a base on 3-0 because they are afraid of the pitcher giving a hitter a walk after throwing a strike on 3-0. Second, the pitcher usually falls back into their comfortable rhythm. The rhythm that they feel most comfortable throwing a strike from. If you have been paying attention during the game, you can capitalize on this to get a great jump. Third, by stealing second base on 3-0, you now put a runner in scoring position for your hitter to hit in a 3-1 count. Fourth, once the pitcher knows you may steal second base on 3-0, making that 3-0 pitch becomes much more difficult to execute. You are essentially taking away his concentration from the task at hand.

So when is a good time to steal second base on a 3-0 count? How about with a potential lead off type hitter at the plate. If you get thrown out, he can be a good lead-off hitter for the nest inning. How about anytime you have a high average, no power hitter at the plate. In this scenario, by stealing second base you are only asking for your team to get one hit instead or two and increase your chances of scoring with your high average hitter hitting with men in scoring position. There are many other scenarios that make sense. Play aggressive and put pressure on the other team with the 3-0 steal of second base.